UPstage 360|World’s First 360° Smart Speaker in Hi-Res Audio

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Getting the best audio enjoyment isn’t easy. There are so many challenges, i.e. the speaker placement for listening sweet spot, clear sound effects, etc. But not anymore.

Meet UPstage 360: The smart speaker that fills the room with 360° Hi-Res sound.

UPstage 360 is the smartest and the best-performing speaker that combines a 3-way system, 40Hz-40kHz ultra-wide frequency range, and ultimate Hi-Res sound quality in 360° enveloping soundstage.


Integrating smart home connect with audiophile-grade fidelity, UPstage 360 fills every corner with the most authentic, life-like sound. Walk around. Dance with it. Wherever you are, feel the room-filling sound.

UPstage 360 projects output evenly in 360° omni-directional soundstage, fills the space with premium Hi-Res audio, and creates a listening “sweet zone”, where the same exquisite sound will be heard at every position.

Unlike conventional speakers, which deliver directional output and chain listeners to a limited area for good sound, UPstage 360 creates revolutionary, consistent and uniform sound dispersion, and envelopes the whole space with utmost clear sound.

UPstage 360 utilizes a patented ball-cone reflection structure made of aluminum alloy to create optimized reflection curves that radiate consistent sound waves dispersion and avoid interference with different frequency ranges.

Spherical diffusers evenly transmit the high frequencies 360˚ and the cone-disc structure enhances the dispersion for mid and low frequencies.
Spherical diffusers evenly transmit the high frequencies 360˚ and the cone-disc structure enhances the dispersion for mid and low frequencies.

Frequency response measured from 4 different angles presents identical SPL responses, presenting listeners with the same sound quality everywhere.

Listening Location Comparison:

UPstage 360 is equipped with an exclusive 3-way integration of 8 drivers and tri-amplification. Covering the ultra-wide frequency range of 40Hz-40kHz, it fully reproduces every detailed note and brings you a dynamic, realistic audio experience.

To obtain the stunningly tight and authoritative bass of UPstage 360, we used patented piston wave passive radiators made of natural rubber to maximize the efficiency of air and space in the cabinet, pushing deep thumping bass of 40 Hz with two 3” woofers and four passive bass radiators.

Hear more. Feel more! Re-explore your favorite music with every detail accurately reproduced in Hi-Res Audio—UPstage 360 gives you the distortion-free sound experience with <0.02% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). Image music reproduction as if seeing a Hi-Res photo, and hear every note from delicate opera to a raucous live concert.

UPstage 360 enables internal docking with Echo Dot and ChromeCast, and it is compatible with various online streaming for Spotify, Apple Music, and more. You can also pair with Bluetooth, or wire-in with AUX-in to connect with other systems.

UPstage 360 has built-in ambiance sound therapy function that combines natural sounds with often cited frequencies. These specially blended mixes of a river, forest, crystal music, and mantra chanting will help listeners stay calm, focused, and relaxed for better sleep quality.

UPstage 360 is engineered by Soundmatters. With 30 years of experience in acoustic design and micro-audiophile speaker technology originally from NASA, Soundmatters designed popular acoustic products, including foxL, named a Top 10 Gadgets of the Year by Time Magazine, and the blockbuster selling Jawbone Jambox.

Additionally, we partnered with TB Speaker, the highly regarded speaker manufacturer, to ensure quality production. Working with these experienced and reliable partners enables UPstage 360 to deliver the latest in electroacoustic technology.

Connect UPstage 360 via Bluetooth and wireless streaming. You can stream for various platforms and adjust the volume from your device or from the speaker buttons.

Utilizing proprietary technologies, exclusive acoustic arrangement, and precise calibration, we balanced 8 drivers and 3-way audio range to deliver the most harmonic and authentic sound performance. Each driver is isolated in their own sealed chamber to enhance sound output, maintaining 40Hz-40kHz and loudness capabilities of 95dB SPL.

UPstage 360 extends out to 40 kHz to fully reproduce the details in Hi-Res recordings, which cover the frequency up to 40 kHz and include ultrasound frequencies that improve our perception of sound quality.

With rigid structure and patented dispersion architecture, we avoided frequency resonance, created <0.02% THD, and made the crossover at 150 Hz and 3 kHz to deliver an immaculate sound.

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