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Adding a creative layer on top of your musical instruments, Wave enables you to do more with what you already have. Use Wave to express your musical intentions using motion in a visual and natural way. Wave pairs to your computer or smart device with Bluetooth LE and works out of the box with all major music software and apps. Using Wavefront, our Eurorack module, you can also add Wave to your modular setup and explore new ways to play your synths.


Wave is a wearable MIDI controller that lets you control sound, shape effects and send commands with the motion of your hand.

Working in close collaboration with musicians, Wave has been in development for the past three years. The version we currently have has the main functionality working great and tested by hundreds of musicians. Last November Wave was used on stage for the first time at the Iceland Airwaves music festival.

This campaign marks the next step of development, the manufacturing phase. We partnered with Anamaly, an award winning design firm to help us finalize the design, and Haltian, an experienced product development partner, to get Wave ready for mass manufacturing.

Now, with your support, we can raise the necessary funds to begin mass production and ship Wave to music makers all over the world by the end of the year.


Control parameters using the movement of your hand.

Click the buttons to send commands, such as play, stop or record.

Trigger samples by tapping any surface.




Influence your guitar sound while playing.

Shape effects on your voice while singing.

Tap any surface to trigger samples and one shots.

Modulate your sound with both hands on the keyboard.

Engage with the audience when DJ-ing.

Enhance your drumming.

Play around and have fun with music!


Pair Wave to your smart device and create beats.

Add nuance and modulation to your MIDI keyboard.

Control guitar effects from Ableton Live while playing.

Control visuals using VDMX5.

Use Wave to create happy accidents and unexpected outcomes.

Explore new and exciting ways to interact with your modular.



Controlling parameters is usually controlled with your mouse or turning knobs and moving sliders. Wave allows you to do the same using movements.

Play with both hands on a keyboard and affect the sound only by tilting your hand, engage better with your audience by controlling effects with large movements or record modulation with small, nuanced gestures.

Triggers allow you to trigger samples or MIDI notes either by tapping your finger on any surface or by clicking one of the buttons.

You can for instance tap in the tempo, trigger drum samples or send commands such as play, stop and record.



Wave is Bluetooth MIDI compatible and shows up as a standard MIDI controller. In other words, Wave works with all major music software and mobile apps right out of the box!

Software that we have tested includes Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reaper, Bitwig, Studio One, FL Studio, Garage Band and G-Stomper Studio/Rhythm as well as VJ software such as VDMX5.

If you are using software that is not on this list, hit us up and we’ll try it out for you.

Are you still unsure about how to set up Wave with your DAW? Easy to follow tutorial videos will be available when Wave ships.


Wave can store up to seven patches at any time. A patch is any combination of the functions Wave has to offer, tilt, pan, roll, tap and click. You can configure each patch to suit your needs.


Explore new ways to interact with your modular setup with Wavefront, the Eurorack receiver module for Wave. Wavefront allows you to seamlessly integrate movements, triggers and gates into your modular setup!

Wavefront features five outputs, three CV out for movements and two gates for tap and clicks. It has a compact size (HP4), is skiff-friendly and offers ultra-low latency.

Configure your own movements and scale the output CVs and gate levels to your liking.

We have partnered with with great companies to make Wave a reality.

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