Here’s how Fortnite Battle Royale looks on smartphone

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Fortnite Battle Royale – the free-to-play last-man-standing phenomenon – is due to launch imminently for iPhone and iPad, and this is how it looks on the smaller screen:

Fans expect Fortnite Battle Royale’s iOS launch to take place any moment now, although developer Epic is keeping schtum as to exactly when this will be.

Android users will get their version of the game “in the next few months”.

Fortnite’s smartphone versions are designed to be as close to their PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bigger brothers as possible. Gameplay takes place on the same map with the same events and regular content additions.

The main difference? We’ll have to see how those touchscreen controls feel.

Last week, Epic confirmed PC, smartphone and console owners would be able to play together – although PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will not be matched with each other. Both Epic and Xbox boss Phil Spencer have expressed dismay at this – and pointed the finger firmly at Sony for not allowing full cross-platform play to be possible.

Of course, PS4 and Xbox people have been able – briefly – to play against each other before, although Epic quickly switched the feature off and said it had been an accident.

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