Video: Digital Foundry Considers “Nintendo Switch Pro” With NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor

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Our good chums over at Digital Foundry certainly do like to look to the future when it comes to gaming tech.

Having debated the benefits of the PS4 Pro and the more recently released Xbox One X, both of which offer substantial benefits to gameplay performance on existing games, industry veteran Richard Leadbetter turns his attention to the Nintendo Switch.

Could a future Nintendo Switch hardware revision realistically use NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor to extend the lifespan of Nintendo’s portable powerhouse?

Of course the answer is a resounding yes, but there is so much more to unpack on the subject and it’s fascinating to hear Richard’s thoughts, either in the video above or the written article over on Eurogamer.

We’ve already seen hardware revisions such as the Nintendo DSi and New Nintendo 3DS in the past of course, so Nintendo is no stranger to adding more power to their portable gaming devices. While there were a small number of exclusive games for the DSi and the New Nintendo 3DS, existing games also featured benefits in loading more quicker and improved frame rates.

However, would a more powerful Switch upset the apple cart? Would developers want to risk splintering the market by making their games run better on the newer hardware? This is an issue which faces many PS4 and Xbox One developers at the moment, but it would seem that gamers are now more accepting of having to upgrade their systems during a single console cycle.

Let us know your thoughts on a future revision of the Switch hardware. Would you pay a bit extra for a Nintendo Switch Pro Edition?

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