Rumor: More potential Kingdom Hearts III worlds leak

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According to destructoid


Here’s a recap of what’s been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III so far in terms of worlds: Tangled, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., Hercules, Twilight Town, and Yen Sid’s Tower. We also know that “no Final Fantasy worlds” are in. For a nebulous “2018” release that’s not too bad in terms of info, but a new leak might have given us more insight if it’s correct.

Spoilers, obviously.

According to the reddit thread that features a source who correctly leaked Monsters Inc., the 100 Acre Wood and a Frozen world (Arendelle) are in. The latter was blindingly obvious given the massive financial success of the film, and honestly, could have even delayed the game further.

We’ll likely see more leading into E3, where we’ll potentially get a release date. I know what a lot of you are thinking — “why Frozen?” Well let me blow your minds: it made over a billion dollars. I could really go for an ice world for a little variety, and I hope Elsa’s ice monster Marshmallow ends up being a summon (it’ll probably be Olaf who will heal you will warm hugs).

Kingdom Hearts [Reddit]

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