‘StarCraft’ Pro Player Arrested For Match Fixing

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A 24-year-old professional StarCraft player was arrested for fixing matches in Busan, South Korea, Yonhap News reports. Additionally, police have arrested a 26-year-old accomplice that was running an illegal gambling site. Police did not reveal the names of either party.


The 26-year-old suggested the 24-year-old should manipulate the outcome of the quarterfinal match at the 2017 G-STAR Starcraft tournament last November in Busan. Doing so, the latter of the two “lost 2-0 after receiving 4.5 million won [$4,225 USD], and the operator raked in 15 million won via his two gambling sites,” the outlet reports. Additionally, the two attempted a similar scheme during this month’s ASL5 Starcraft tournament.

As well as these two arrests, police have booked a total of 116 people who used the unnamed gambling site, as well as seven other accomplices of the website runner that helped fix matches.

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