Giveaway: Get free stuff for Closers, an anime beat-’em-up on Steam

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According to PC Gamer

We’re giving away a bunch of stuff for Closers, “an episodic anime action RPG” that released on Steam last month. Closers is free to play, so anyone who’s interested in 2.5D beat-’em-ups with co-op, solo play, or PvP can dive right in and redeem the package of items available below.

This giveaway is first come, first served, but if you’re guaranteed a code if you’re a member of PC Gamer Club.

Click the link above. Codes will be distributed via email automatically.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.49.47 PM.png

What you get

  • Exclusive PC Gamer in-game poster for your room
  • Yukata Bonsai or Ruby costume
  • (2) Small plum soda
  • (2) Double Talisman Box (+20% bonus EXP and credit)
  • Gardening Voucher (1 day)
  • Maid Service Voucher (1 day)

How to redeem your Closers code

  1. Download the game:
  2. Run “Closers” from STEAM or Run the En Masse Launcher
  3. Click “Redeem Code” from the upper left corner in the Launcher
  4. Paste in your code
  5. Items will be delivered in-game via the account claim

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