52 SPEAKER – The Ultimate Mountable Speaker for the Outdoors

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52 SPEAKER is the ultimate portable bluetooth speaker for you, my outdoor-loving friend! With a tuned and high-quality sound optimized for outdoor environments, 52 SPEAKER can be easily and firmly mounted on your bike handle or a backpack strap. It’s the perfect way to add the joy of music to your outdoor activities.

Crisp sound and convenience on-the-go 

52 SPEAKER can be used in various circumstances such as cycling and trekking. Connect it to your handle, backpack strap, or a belt, and enjoy your favorite tracks while you’re on the move!

Wherever your journey will take you

You can take 52 SPEAKER with you everywhere, because it’s water and dust resistant.

Your favorite tunes for blissful moments

Add background music to blissful moments on-the-go with 52 SPEAKER. Link your pleasant memories to your favorite tunes.

Easy and Secure Mount

52 SPEAKER can be attached in various positions on your bike and backpack straps with a holding mount and rubber rings, which are included in the box. It is firmly fixed only by placing and rotating, and detachment is just as simple. If you already have a GARMIN mount on your bike, you can also mount 52 SPEAKER directly on it with its compatible rear structure.

Effortless Control

The iconic control keys of 52 SPEAKER are designed for your convenience. Improving tactility and discriminability of the buttons of existing portable speakers, 52 SPEAKER can be controlled with gloved hands and even when you keep your eyes forwards. You can play, pause, and control the volume of the music, or move to next or previous songs seamlessly.

Inspired by a hip flask, 52 SPEAKER boasts a sleek streamlined design with big buttons and a dial knob that are easily discriminable with fingers. 52 SPEAKER is small and light, enhancing tactility to make it optimized for outdoor activities.

Control keys were the most important part when designing the 52 SPEAKER, as we wanted the control to be intuitive and easy. The knob-type button at the top can be seamlessly twisted for volume adjustment.

When we thought of the concept of a flask bottle, we knew we wanted to incorporate aspects of its design into 52 SPEAKER. People carry typically around hip flasks for convenience to drink beverages and enjoy leisurely time during their journeys. This theme matched the concept of 52 SPEAKER and what we wanted it to represent.

52 SPEAKER comes in three stylish colors. Stay classy with our pure white. Sleek black for extra edge and style. Catch eyes with our vivid Neon Pink.


  • Main 52 SPEAKER unit
  • Holding Mount ( X 2 ) * Garmin Compatible
  • Rings (Small and Large)
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Strap

Compact and Lightweight  52 SPEAKER is 9.2cm (3.6 in) long and weighs only 80g (2.82oz). You can now enjoy clear, crisp music without compromising your activity performance.

Water and Dust Resistance  52 SPEAKER is water and dust resistant. 52 SPEAKER is made of premium materials and has a strong and sleek casing made with anodized aluminum grill and durable polymer.

Long-lasting Battery  With a 750mAh built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 52 SPEAKER has up to 7 hours of music playback. Let 52 SPEAKER join you on your long-winded journeys.

Hands-free call  When you receive a call to a paired mobile phone, click the main button, and 52 SPEAKER will become a speakerphone for your call. No need to take your mobile phone out of your pocket, Converse on 52 SPEAKER’s high sensitivity built-in microphone!

FM radio mode  FM radio mode to brighten up the mood. With auto scanning and channel memory functions, you can directly access the radio channels you want to hear.

ACTIVITY / NORMAL Modes  52 SPEAKER has two sound modes. In ACTIVITY mode, you can enjoy enhanced, crisp sound tuned for noisy outdoor environments. In NORMAL mode, you can enjoy rich, deep sound suitable for general, everyday use.

Voice Guidance Navigation  Turn on Google’s voice navigation for traffic alerts and directions on-the-go

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