Pano-S: 8K 360° VR Camera

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PANO-S is a remarkable, affordable and endurable professional VR camera for 4K HD video and 8K Ultra-clear picture. With the assistance of Autopano stitching software, the creator can complete a high-quality panoramic post-production.

Pano-S is a beautiful and sleek design among all the other VR cameras. It looks like a chocolate box, equipped with six fish-eye lenses and aluminum alloy outer casing.

Pano-S is portable(650g,120mm) and enduring(6000mAh, 90min standby time) enough to stay with you anywhere, without being a burden.

See Our Daily Shooting With Pano-S

Check out those amazing artworks we capture using Pano-S.

Check out the beautiful scenery in a park, shot outdoors in daylight.

See the picture we shot at CES exhibition.

Pano-S is perfect for professionals craving near real-time, high-quality capturing of 3D video while remaining affordable and endurable! Pano-S combines the latest in video production technology, professional post-production software for a seamless image stitching experience! Up to 3 hours of photos or 1 and a half hours of video shooting can fully meet the needs of photographers. Pano-S is the professional VR camera for starters who like to share the full view of life to the world.

Operation Manual

The button on the left is [Power Button], the middle is [Video Record Button] and the right is [Photo Capture Button].

Power on: Short Press the [Power Button] to turn on the camera, and the lamp will turn green and screen will be lightened up.

Short press the [Video Record Button] to start recording video. During the recording process, the lamp will be in quick flashes, and the screen will display the length of the video.

Long press the button again for 3 seconds to stop recording. Short press the [Photo Capture Button] to start capturing photos, the green working mode lamp will blink while the screen displays the number of photos.

Power off: Long press the [Power Button] for 3 seconds, the screen will turn off with a [Goodbye].

Optical-flow-based Image Stitching

The best partner for Pano S, Autopano provides advanced image processing and amazing photo retouching. It can deliver end-to-end post, from ingestion to 30 frames high-quality stitching to encoding, or can be a powerful first-step in your editing workflow.

Pano-S Specs

From Idea to Reality

As you can see, we have successfully created and tested Pano-S prototypes. Now we need your support to begin production and deliver this amazing product to the masses. Please support our campaign so that we can rewrite the history of VR camera!

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