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Kickstarter veterans, the “Raspberry Shake” team is back with our third successful and perhaps most awesome campaign yet… the Raspberry Boom!

The Raspberry Boom is brought to you by Raspberry Shake, a collection of affordable home science Earth monitoring devices.

Raspberry Boom
Raspberry Boom
At some point growing up, most of you will have heard of Superman and his superhero abilities- The X-Ray vision, super strength and super hearing. Now, although we aren’t quite there yet on the super strength or X-Ray vision, we have cracked open super hearing… well technically infrasonic hearing!
The Raspberry Boom home monitor detects “infra” sounds, or extremely low frequencies of sound, that are completely imperceivable to your ears. These sounds are less than ~20 Hz, or the lower limit of what is audible to humans, and Raspberry Boom can detect them from great distances all around your local region.
Imagine what you could detect at home with your very own Raspberry Boom …


The easy answer is “More than you would think!”. You will be surprised just how many things actually generate infrasonic signals:

Yes you read correctly IF an alien ship enters our atmosphere or Superman decided to pop in for a visit, your Raspberry Boom would likely detect it!… Hmmm anyone near Area 51 ?!

Infrasound sensors detect so many intriguing things happening all around you. Independently they can uncover some pretty cool mysteries, but together, using our Raspberry Shake connected network, they create an array that can potentially track and locate events. From incoming harsh weather, planes flying overhead, gun fire and nuclear testing, to volcanoes erupting on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean and meteors exploding overhead… Detect all these and more- DISCOVER the untold secrets that are out there with the Raspberry Boom!

Depending on your geographical location and proximity, you will measure infrasound from different sources. Remember with the Raspberry Shake “Station View” array, you will be able to see activity from all over the world from all the different Raspberry Booms interconnected to our online map! So even if you don’t live in tornado country or on the flanks of an active volcano, you will be able to access data from other users who do.


A must have for makers and enthusiasts of all stripes!

Watch this techy video to meet the Raspberry Boom prototypes:


Testing of the Raspberry Boom, which began last year, has brought us to some very cool places. At Raspberry Shake we are all huge SpaceX fans and we couldn’t resist putting a Raspberry Boom through its paces with the recent launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. And it was well worth it. We successfully captured clear recordings of the launch sequence and the 3 sonic booms that accompanied each rocket as they made their way back to Earth and into the history books. Who said the sky was the limit?

And with the help of Daniel Bowman we are taking the Raspberry Boom into Space also… well the stratosphere at least, and hopefully setting a New World Record while we are at it. Danny is an expert solar balloon builder, having launched his first balloon when he was fifteen years old and continuing with flights that have reached over 80,000 ft (24,000 m) high.

Danny has built and testing a 42 ft (12.8 m) diameter solar balloon with the hopes of reaching heights around 100,000 ft – That’s over 30 km’s/ 18 miles high!

“Our goal is to get the most outrageous altitude possible. I want to go up at least 80,000 ft but my dream is 100,000 ft. We may make it with your flight!”

The balloon will have a payload of a Raspberry Boom, and other monitoring equipment to document and record the mission. What better way to test the Boom under extreme conditions?! The launch is programmed to take place during this campaign, so make sure to follow our social networks @raspishake and campaign hashtags #BoomBalloon & #RaspberryBoom to ensure you don’t miss it!

At stratospheric heights wind noise is negligible and infrasound energy is concentrated, so we can’t wait to see what the Raspberry Boom detects and of course the black-sky imagery we will get up there will be spectacular!

According to Danny, “In order to set a world record we must break the altitude reached by Malaterre, 1993: the author reports a 30 km altitude for his solar/infrared balloon. I believe that, by beating this, we could claim both the highest solar powered flight and highest hot air balloon flight. I will not guarantee success but I think we have a good chance of hitting it.” To add to the suspense of the flight, we will be launching in New Mexico where it is quite windy this time of year. These types of balloons can be fairly fragile and rip apart, due to their lightweight nature. For a successful flight and to ensure the safety of the balloon we will have to carefully monitor the weather.

Wish us GOOD LUCK!!!


For those of you who have heard about the Raspberry Shake, our flagship personal earthquake monitoring device (or seismograph), you will know that it is built on the most popular single board computer in the tech world- the “Raspberry Pi” computer.

The Raspberry Boom is no different, giving existing Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Shake owners the flexibility to start detecting infrasound just by adding the Boom board and sensor! And if you don’t already have one, you can pick up a plug & play version at a great price in our rewards section. The infrasound sensor will unlock the Raspberry Pi’s ability to detect those sound waves from ~0.05 Hz to 20 Hz that are completely inaudible to the human ear.

The circuit board incorporates a powerful 24 bit digitizer, sampling infrasound at 100 samples per second with data transmission rates of four packets per second. This makes the Raspberry Boom extremely accurate and a force to be reckoned with for other professional sensors out there that cost thousands.

Just like the rest of our product range, the Raspberry Boom comes with many DIY options: Grab the STL/DXF files from diy.raspberryshake.org and build your own enclosure, or grab the microSD card image and start writing your own software routines in order to integrate the data into your personal website. Turnkey plug and play solutions are also available.

For those of you looking for an all in one solution to combine our Earth motion seismograph and infrasound sensors in a single unit, check out the Shake & Boom rewards. If you already have a Raspberry Shake, there is a reward available so that you can easily swap out your Raspberry Shake board with the ‘Shake and Boom’. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to detect what is happening right beneath your feet and the atmosphere all around you.


Build your own Raspberry Boom sensor and become a kind of detective to explore the unheard symphony of infrasound happening all around you.

The Raspberry Boom Do It Yourself resources are already available! This means that you can already start laser cutting or 3D printing your enclosures or just start learning about the ins and outs of the new Raspberry Boom.

Some DIY resources:

Do It Yourself website – links to the SD card image and DXF/ STL files for laser cutting and 3D printing can be found here

The Manual 


Thanks to YOUR help we have developed the largest independent citizen science network of interconnected Earth and atmospheric monitoring devices worldwide! Everyday new devices are coming online from all over the planet. Reserve your Boom today and join the largest citizen science powered community in the world.

Your Raspberry Boom, once online, will strengthen this network. Any Raspberry Boom user in the network can access the infrasound signals from any other user in the network. So someone in California can connect to a Raspberry Boom installed beside Etna Volcano in Italy and watch the volcanic explosions happening- in real-time!

The Raspberry Boom on its own is an incredibly powerful device, but when they link together across the community’s network, they create an array that can potentially track and triangulate interesting events (We still don’t know how much of this is possible, because quite simply, it has never been tried before! But we have proven the potential already with our earthquake monitoring network where Raspberry Shakers all over the world are detecting their own earthquakes all the time independently of big government organizations.). This could quickly become the largest worldwide network (citizen science-powered or otherwise) of interconnected infrasound devices that are continuously monitoring our planet.

We are incredibly excited by this! – Can you imagine what we’ll discover together???


Receive real time streaming information from your Raspberry Boom and connected devices, direct to your phone with the EQ info app for your android phone, in the Google Play store.

The app will be updated to stream live infrasound data from around the globe, in addition to the earthquake notifications it already shows on the interactive map

Read more…

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