Waterfi Swimcast: Streaming Music Player for Swimming

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Finally, you can enjoy music from nearly any streaming service in the pool. You already use your phone to stream music in the car, while you run, and around the house. With a built-in Chromecast Audio and our patent pending technology, Swimcast lets you stream Spotify and other music apps straight from the cloud while you swim.


Swimcast has Google’s Chromecast Audio built in, so it’s already optimized for popular streaming apps like Spotify on iOS and Android. The popularity of the Chromecast means that as new audio apps become available over time, they will likely be supported. As a bonus, the native Cast button in Android will stream any audio coming from your phone!


Powered by the WiFi enabled Chromecast Audio, Swimcast delivers continuous audio even during flip turns and push offs. Popular wireless technologies like Bluetooth can’t play music in the pool without interruptions. By creating a mobile WiFi hotspot on your phone, you can use Swimcast anywhere, and if your pool already provides WiFi, you can just start your playlist from the locker room and leave your phone behind.


Life is full of limits, but your music library shouldn’t be one of them. Mp3 players and recent “streaming” devices limit you to a few gigabytes of storage and force you to plan your music ahead of time. With Swimcast, you can pick the music you are in the mood for while you are at the pool, making your playlist infinite!


One of the best benefits of streaming music on your phone is that it’s hassle free, and bringing music to the pool shouldn’t be any different. Why waste time buying songs, downloading them to your computer or phone, and then transferring them to your music player? Direct streaming on Swimcast simplifies the whole process, so all you have to do is press play and cast it.


Swimcast streams live from the internet while you swim, so you don’t need to purchase any premium accounts. Instead, the money you save on a Spotify subscription you can spend on new swim gear, a gym membership, or even just a nice meal. Since you are not locked into one service, you can stream Pandora one day and YouTube the next.


Another benefit of incorporating Google’s Chromecast Audio into Swimcast is the high-quality sound it delivers. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth over-compress files and degrade the audio quality of your music. WiFi maintains lossless compression creating better detail and a more dynamic range. At 24 Bits and 96kHZ, Swimcast is even better than CD quality, giving you the highest quality audio available in the pool.


Between the certain peril of water, and inevitable chips, scuffs, and scratches of concrete, pools are a dangerous place to take your precious electronics. At Waterfi we know water, and we know pools. For seven years we have tested every which way to keep your electronics safe. Equipped with our most durable process yet, Swimcast is watertight and completely cushioned from any hazard you could run into when you head out for a swim.


Swimcast has a Chromecast Audio built into its core, so it uses the same, user-friendly software developed by the masters at Google. Just download the ‘Google Home’ app and follow the simple, one-time setup process shown in the video below. Every time you go to the pool after that all you have to do is open a Chromecast supported app (which most are), choose your music, and press the Cast button.

We can already make small batches at our San Diego headquarters, but we can’t make them quickly enough to supply the mass market we hope to reach. On top of that, the Swimcast only scratches the surface of what we can do with the patent pending technology we used to create it. Your Kickstarter pledge funds the upfront costs needed to contract our Swimcast manufacturer and gives us the support and momentum we need to build more swimmer-friendly streaming devices in the future.

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