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If you’ve ever been surfing one time, you know the routine:

Paddle against the waves for 45 minutes, get knocked back by a few waves, choke on seawater, then look back and notice you’ve only made it about 20 yards from the ocean.

Then, spend $700 on a real surfboard, and $100 per lesson on several lessons, and maybe you’ll be able to have one decent surf session.

And if you don’t live next to the water? You were out of luck, until now.

We wanted to bring the world’s best water sport to the water near you, and along the way, we made the most affordable e-surfboard without compromising performance.

This is the Blea Shark (pronounced “Blee”, not “Blay”), and to be clear this is a surfboard, not a rocket (although you might have a hard time telling the difference once you ride one).

Forget about waiting for the perfect weather conditions or the perfect wave. Surf in Kansas in the winter, at your local pond, or in your neighbor’s pool. Surf in Austria, surf in Lesotho, or even surf in Mongolia for all we care.

Beat the other surfers out to the big waves, or take this on a still lake.

With Blea, there are no more limits–just pure fun.

It is tiring and frustrating to fail again and again when learning sea wave surfing–that has stopped many people from enjoying one of the world’s greatest sports. With Blea, anyone can master the ocean in 5 minutes. It cuts the pain and leaves all the good.

No matter who we show this to–from people who can’t swim, to people who spend every day chasing waves–everyone simply loves it.

In addition to the 30 mph top speed and the generous 1.5 hour battery, here are a few other features that set us apart from every electric surfboard on the market:

Swappable battery. With simple swapping the battery, you define how long you would like to play.

Light Weight. Easy to carry around.


We have designed the best match of motor, control unit, battery management, and water cooling system, which altogether guarantee the best performance available on an electric surfboard.

Too good to be true? Here are the latest e-surfboard brands, as of March 2018, and their specs.

“When I look at the lakes and rivers in my hometown, I was thinking “why couldn’t we use technology to make it possible to surf on them as well?”

I was inspired by the electric scooters and started studying up on motors, electrical engineering, buoyancy theory, and hydrodynamics.

A full year passed, and I was able to make the first sample–though it failed to carry any person, at least it moved!

After many iterations and a full team behind me, we finally got a surfboard that not only worked but was a great experience to use and looked great.

To our surprise, it was so easy to learn that any person that played in our testing sessions could stand up on it within 5 mins even though they have no surfing experience at all.

We are now ready to market this product to the world and make surfing to be really popular without restrictions on where you live, who you are and when you wanna surf.”

– Ryan Chen, Co-Founder

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