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At Cally, we don’t think quality electronics have to sacrifice style.
So, we created The Cedar PC line— a new, beautiful product with an amazing difference in the world of electronics.

Current PCs are Solely Utilitarian

In 2016 alone, more than 103 million desktop PCs were purchased globally and none of them were unique, made from environmentally-friendly materials or had the ability to be out of view when not in use.

At Cally, we think PCs can be practical while also aesthetically pleasing and safe for the environment.

Technology Meets Style

The Cedar product line is built within a beautifully crafted hardwood case with features that have never been used until now.
 Our first two products can satisfy the same market, but have very different features.

Current desktop computers are built with the same shape, the same materials and remain stagnant when it comes to design.

an entirely new experience
for the desktop PC user.

Our products are built to rest on any desk and still provide vast usable desk space.

And, they’re built with beautiful unfinished hardwood giving them a natural feel to the PC rather than solid hard plastic or aluminium.

Finally, our unique combination of design and technology allows the PCs to be kept out of plain sight, but also look beautiful when not hidden.

Custom-Made, Beautiful Designs

The Cedar has many unique, customizable features while offering a fully-functional, high-end PC:

The Cedar+ PC offers even more features and technological advances.


Dimension: 272mm x 1000mm x 70mm and holds three separate screens; two 17.3-inch widescreen LCD monitors dedicated to the PC and a single 10-inch LCD screen dedicated to notifications, social media posts, music applications, etc.



Traction & Accomplishments  

We’re pleased with where we’re at given the stage in our development:

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