The Ultimate Gaming Grip for the Nintendo Switch

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Pro Gaming Grip For Nintendo Switch

One step beyond any other gaming grip. Rigid, ergonomic design places your hands in the perfect position for the Nintendo Switch.

We set out to create the ultimate gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch. It distributes weight to your hands like a traditional console controller so your fingers are free for more accurate, more comfortable control. And it’s super high quality – heavy duty with a secure interface to your switch – so there’s no flex or creaks like cheaper grips. We are already in production tooling – molds and production evaluation units will be done before the end of the Kickstarter for fast delivery.

The small switch controllers put the burden of supporting the switch on your fingers, limiting control and making the switch uncomfortable for adult hands.

The Satisfye pro gaming grip is more comfortable and ergonomic. Designed here in California by the founder and a team of mechanical engineers and ergonomics experts, we have worked to create the absolute best gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch.

The secret to our design is its asymmetrical layout. By angling your hands outward we are able to set your thumb at the ideal angle for accessing the joystick. The result is a grip that feels just like holding a pro console controller. The bottom hooks on our design hold and secure your Nintendo Switch in place and also act as a convenient stand to set your device down vertically.

Backers receive the Satisfy Pro Gaming Grip and comfortable, contoured thumb grips. The Elite bundle comes with our acclaimed Satisfye Switch Case, now designed with extra room to accommodate the pro gaming grip, Nintendo Switch, and game cards.

But none of this would give you the right feel if there were play or creak in the grips. So we have designed them to be extremely strong and secure so you feel like you are holding an integrated mobile game console.

Over-engineering is our motto and we have meticulously thought out each major feature. This includes a rubberized grips that not only feel amazing in your hands but prevents long term fatigue by sticking to them naturally.

The natural resting place for your right thumb is inward, toward the interior of the controller. The Satisfye pro gaming grip has an asymmetric design which places your thumb closer to its natural resting position. Most grips fail to place your right hand in the right position, and the result with these grips or going gripless is your hand can become fatigued or cramped. With the Satisfye pro gaming grip, your hand are always in the perfect position.

The Nintendo Switch is secure and well seated in the Satisfye pro gaming grip, but going from dock to handheld is easy. The pro gaming grip is designed for easy insert and extract – it eliminates the fuss and frustration of taking off an annoying sleeve or protective case every time you want to dock the Nintendo Switch. Dropping in and removing the Nintendo Switch is just as satisfying as clicking in your JoyCons.

  • Perfect Fit: Ergonomic Design Puts Hands in Best Game-Ready Position
  • Superior Weight Distribution: Palms Hold the Grip and Support Weight, Fingers Control the Action
  • Pro Design: Asymmetric Layout Angles Hands Outward, Puts Hands in Perfect Orientation to Joyce’s
  • Perfect Hand Position: Avoid Scrunching Fingers, Great for Adult Hands
  • Extend Gameplay: Ergonomic for Improved Comfort Extending Gameplay
  • Quick Switch: Fast & Easy Nintendo Switch Insertion & Removal
  • Bulletproof, Lightweight Construction: Stands Up to Real Gameplay
  • Premium Rubberized Grip: Improves Control and Comfort
  • Built-in Stand: Stands vertically with Clearance for Charger
  • Protection From Multiple Angles: Multiple Protection Points Lowers Break Risk
Current Satisfy Switch Case / Kickstarter Case Prototype
Current Satisfy Switch Case / Kickstarter Case Prototype

Satisfye was established by a group of millennials who love video games. We are passionate designers, sourcing gurus, and mechanical engineers. We all have a love for gaming and especially gaming on the Nintendo Switch. One thing we all noticed early on was that there is a lack of premium and well designed third party accessories for the Switch. Team Satisfye stepped up and our goal was to create the highest quality and properly designed accessories for the Switch.

Our first project was a smashing success, the SwitchCase Classic. We launched this phenomenal case on Amazon in 2017 and have received rave reviews. Specifically for being the highest quality case on the market.

Our team collaborates with one of the best industrial design firms in California to create and prototype amazing products.

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