Octagonal house rotates 360 degrees to chase sun and views

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Most homes are designed to remain stationary, pinned to a foundation where they ideally won’t budge an inch. This home from designer Roberto Rossi is designed to do the exact opposite. The octagonal house, nestled into the beautiful backdrop of northern Italy, gets all the views and rays thanks to an unusual trick: It can rotate 360 degrees.

Rotating house seen from belowRoberto Rossi via Dezeen

The wood-clad home sits atop a meter-wide pillar base, and can swivel both directions via mechanical control. It’s built to be ultra-lightweight with a steel frame and walls made from wood paneling, so it requires less energy to rotate.

Rossi designed the house to be an exploration of sustainability, using its rotation to optimize energy production and consumption. The roof is covered solar panels, which provide all of the energy the house consumes. As the house rotates, it’s able to capture the greatest amount of sunlight.

The experimental Italian house is reminiscent of a handful of other shape-shifting homes, including the clever 359 tiny house and D’Angelo House, a desert home built in 1963 that spins 130 degrees on its axis.


Via: Dezeen

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