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There’s something about scent that’s more efficient at waking someone up than anything else. Having the sun shining in your eye or an alarm clock ringing can jolt you into wakefulness but you’re still bound to be groggy. Smell a nice hot cup of coffee or the ocean breeze and your body and your mind both wake up at the same time!

The Sensorwake employs light, sound, and aroma to wake you in under 2 minutes. Using proprietary aroma cartridges that last for over a month, the Sensorwake can get you out of bed by wafting fragrances in the room. Aside from the regular espresso coffee, the Sensorwake even comes with aromas like Apple-Cinnamon, Peppermint, Fresh Cut Grass, the Seaside and more. Simply slide the cartridge in and set your alarm timer and the Sensorwake gently blinks a light while playing soothing music along with filling the room with fragrances that immediately get you out of bed… although with fragrances like chocolate or espresso, you’re going to wake up with quite the appetite!

Designer: Guillaume Rolland

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