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Minit is a clever little action adventure game that is played one minute at a time, which is weird, but will make sense after you watch this video.

The game is born from the minds of Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann, who have roots with studios like Guerrilla Games and Vlambeer among other studios. The four worked on it as a side project and the game is being published by Devolver Digital. In the game, you play as an ambiguous pixelated creature, fighting monsters, exploring areas, and solving puzzles, but you only have a minute to make as much progress as possible before dying and returning to your home.

Join Leo Vader, Matt Miller, intern Joey Thurmond, and I (Jeff Cork is on vacation, probably) as we see how far we can get as quickly as possible. It’s weird and charming, and we will have a full review on the site, soon.

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Minit is out today on PC. For more New Gameplay Today, head here.

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