Video: New Crazy Justice Footage Gives Us The Fortnite Feels

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Last year we reported on the news that Black Riddles Studios is bringing Crazy Justice to Switch, a third-person, cel-shaded shooter game with cross-platform play that has been successfully funded via the fig platform.

The developers have now released footage of the game running on Nintendo’s console, showing off its much-hyped “Battle Royale” mode – which looks a lot like the insanely popular Fortnite. (And before you ask, yes, the video was posted on April 1st, but Black Riddles has continued to re-post and talk about it over the past few days, so we can rule out it being an elaborate April Fool’s gag).

Crazy Justice isn’t just a clone, however – it features a cover system, destructible environments, upgradable weapons, skill trees and split-screen multiplayer support. It’s shaping up to be quite impressive, so you can’t really blame the developers for throwing in a Fortnite-style mode to capitalise on that game’s popularity and gain Crazy Justice a little more attention. It also makes use of the Switch’s motion controls for aiming, too.

With Fortnite recently coming to smartphonesand Epic’s previous positive comments – we may well see that game come to Switch in the fullness of time, but until then Crazy Justice might be the best alternative. You can pre-order it now over on the fig campaign page.

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