Rockstar Discusses Gender Pay Gap at Rockstar North Studio

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Female employees are earning significantly less than men at Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar North, according to a new UK government database via Kotaku.

The average hourly rate for women at the company (which includes Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar Lincoln, and Rockstar London) is 64 percent lower than men’s, according to the data. In other words, they’re earning £0.36 for every £1 men earn. About 84 percent of women at Rockstar North received bonuses compared to 89 percent of men, and their average bonus pay was 84 percent lower.

New legislation introduced last year requires all British companies with more than 250 employees to report their gender pay gaps. They also had to reveal gaps in bonus pay and the percentage of men and women in each pay quartile of their business. Although many companies like Rockstar North complied with the law, The Guardian says 1,500 firms missed the deadline and could now face court action and unlimited fines.

In a document provided to Glixel, Rockstar North studio director Andrew Semple says the gender gap is primarily driven by the company’s structure. Many senior roles are filled by male employees with long tenure, while women occupy only eight percent of the top-paying positions in the studio.

Although the numbers aren’t pretty, Rockstar North tells Glixel it’s fully committed to maintaining an equal opportunity work environment “where diversity is extremely highly valued and men and women are equally paid for equal work.”

“Like much of the interactive entertainment industry, there is gender disparity in our workforce, particularly at senior levels where our team has been with us for many years,” it says in a statement. “We are proactively working to decrease this disparity and we look forward to seeing representation of our female colleagues continue to grow in all roles and at all levels as we actively recruit, train and encourage women to pursue career opportunities at Rockstar North and within our industry.”

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