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Turn on Count and enjoy a fully interactive reading app with Mom. Learn through guided lessons, videos, and stories. When you’re done, just bring Count to the kitchen to project recipes right on your counter! After your food is prepared and in the oven, simply bring count to the living room and use it as a home-theater videos.

Whether you use “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” to wake up your personal assistant, Count supports voice commands to help you get more done in less time.

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Right now, we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Society is changing and expanding in the area of more interactive technology, and training kids on how to use these.

So why shouldn’t Education evolve with new interactive tools that develop literacy, competency, and collaboration?

The name “Count” is derived from the Italian word Countach, which is translated as “Wow!” or “Look at that!”. The meaning fits well with our sleek and innovative product.

Count allows students to learn in the format they’re comfortable with – kids already use their Smartphones & Computers to learn and communicate. Count is an interactive projector that allows you to physically interact with your apps and media in a way that phones, tablets and computers don’t allow. Count has developed several apps to be available at launch, and their open platform allows for new interactive books, apps, games and more!

A dim, fuzzy overhead projection that is too bright in the center and too dim around the edges (as with overhead projectors) is no longer acceptable. The optical focus, linearity, brightness, and clarity of an overhead cannot match that of a video projector – which is why Count was born.

Count is a high-definition projector that tracks interaction in a way that these previous projectors could not.

  • Photograph slides and overhead projectors have now mostly been replaced by projectors that use digital image files, a video projector, or simply large video monitors.
  • Kids use Count to develop literacy, competency, and collaboration skills using the latest technology.
  • Adults can use Count to project movies, YouTube videos, email, recipes, and more!
  • Project on any wall or surface – even on the ceiling!
  • Open platform allowing for new apps and interactive books to be added after launch.
  • Projector bulb has a lifetime of 20,000 hours – quality & built to last!

Count converts your smartphone into an interactive projector that responds to hand gestures! Here are a few of examples of how you can use Count:

  • Turn on Count and enjoy truly interactive stories, using hand gestures to activate animations within the story.
  • Learn to cook your favorite meals – just bring Count to the kitchen to project recipes and cooking videos right on your counter!
  • Count turns any basic living room into a home-theater for a big screen movie!
  • When your food is ready, use Count to play music from your phone or YouTube video.
  • End the night with an astronomy lesson / video projected in amazing detail on the ceiling.

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