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Imagine luggage with Bluetooth tracking, unrivaled durability, ergonomic design, and wheels that let you roll over everything. Scroll down to learn more about our new product and how it makes traveling and commuting simpler and more comfortable than ever.

The Check-In

This high volume Check-In gives you more functional design features and better performance than any other multi-purpose gear bag. Superior mobility and maneuverability courtesy of G-RO’s signature large, space saving, tough-terrain wheels.

Why Large Wheels?

All other rolling luggage are basically boxes on casters. Their little wheels break more often; they travel badly over bumps, bricks, grates, snow and sand; they weaken the luggage design with more rivets, screws and reinforcements; they require more parts to assemble and break; they reduce the available volume; and they often cause awkward nooks in the interior space.

But because of our ingenious patented wheel design, G-RO:

It can hold a LOT

The check-in’s large interior volume of 86L (expandable up to 96L) can easily fit enough items for a 10+ day trip. It also has multiple compartments and external pouches so you can keep your items organized and easily access your valuables.

The Office

An everyday commuter companion bag that can also function as a spacious carry-on, the Office has multiple organizational compartments letting you easily access your essential items. We merged a traditional office bag with G-RO’s signature large, space saving, tough-terrain wheels to create the perfect bag for your daily commute or weekend adventure.

The Backpack XV

A utility-style backpack elevated to a sophisticated travel companion for the everyday explorer. Durable construction, intuitively designed features, internal and external charging all combine to offer a backpack with next level performance for the daily commuter and weekend adventurer.

The Backpack Light

An elegantly designed, compact backpack that comes loaded with unique minimalist features designed to organize your valuables, give you instant access to your essentials and keep your devices safe and synced.


Ultra-Durable Ballistic Nylon

After designing the original G-RO carry-on from ballistic nylon, we created the Check-In from the same durable, water-resistant material.

630D Nylon

Flexible and lightweight, the 630D nylon was the perfect material to craft the standard Backpack Light with.

Stingrey Polyblend

After investigating different fabrics to add to the G-RO family our engineers created water-resistant polyblend that’s lightweight and as fashionable as it is durable.

Smart Electronics


We’re very excited to let you know that all G-RO products offered in this campaign will come with a TILE Slim Bluetooth Tracker. Small and compact, it works with a dedicated app that connects you to Tile, the largest lost-and-found community in the world.

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