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TicPods Free are true wireless earbuds that are designed with the ultimate touch controls, optimized Bluetooth connectivity and clear crisp audio experience for the listener. They are the most interactive earbuds available so you have more control on-the-go. – Ultra-intuitive touch controls – Automatic in-ear detection – Call audio for both ears – Noise cancellation + noise isolation – Battery life w/ case = 18 hours – iOS and Android compatible

Award-winning true wireless earbuds by Mobvoi . Use the power of touch to stay off your phone screen. Hear your calls in both ears while our ambient noise cancellation and noise isolation make your calls crystal clear.

TicPods Free’s intuitive touch controls let you activate all your favorite features with just a touch on the stem so you can slide volume up and down, take or end calls, skip songs, and activate your voice assistant – all without spending more time on your phone screen.

Ultra-intuitive touch controls.


Slide up and down

Try doing that on other earbuds. Go ahead. We’ll wait.


Double tap.

Tap-tap. Your audio, your control.


Long press.

All good things come to those who… press for two seconds.


Pioneers of wearable touch controls.

We’ve been doing this since 2015, innovating touch controls directly on the hardware. Affectionately name the “Tickle” function (and how we named the TicWatch), no one does hardware touch control as well, or for as long as we have.

In-ear detection.

Smart and seamless. In-ear detection allows TicPods Free to know when you’re listening. Music pauses when you take one earbud out and resumes when you put it back in.

Optimized video-audio sync.

Most wireless earbuds experience significant lag when gaming or video watching. We’ve optimized signal transmission and minimized audio lag so TicPods Free will enable you to clash royale or watch the playoffs on your train to work.

Noise-isolating design.

Silicone tips (2 sizes come in the box) paired with ergonomic design create comfortable noise isolation. Hear only what you should.

Call audio in both ears.


Hear your caller clearly in both ears, not just in one like other true wireless earbuds.

Ambient noise-cancelling.

Cancel out external sounds, other voices,  and ambient noise (like the wind) when you’re on a call, thereby isolating your voice so it sounds like you’re in a quiet room.

Speak and you shall receive. Long press for two seconds on the stem to access your voice assistant to control your music, make calls, receive notifications and more.

IPX5 water and dust resistance.

Caught in the rain? No problem. Sweating to the oldies? We got you. With a water and dust resistance rating of IPX5, a bit of H₂O won’t become an “Oh no!”

In March, we tested our early prototypes with our community and due to their feedback during the testing period, we improved TicPods Free.

This is the power of the Mobvoi community at its best.

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