Alienware may have created the ultimate gamer hotel suite

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According to Engadget

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In the past, we’ve seen hotel rooms and even entire hotels specifically designed for those who prefer the orange glow of de_dust2 to a sandy beach. But Alienware’s new gaming suite in Hilton’s Panama City location might well be the easiest place yet to let a week of your life completely pass you by. Room 2425 offers guests the chance to avoid the rich culture of the Central American capital and enjoy the company of a monstrous Alienware gaming PC, Oculus Rift VR headset and Xbox One Elite. Move between the racing seat centerpiece and beanbags, foregoing the stunning view of the South Pacific Ocean to instead bask in the warm glow of the room’s 65-inch 4K TV.

The $349 per night room also features a surround sound system and immersive lighting that responds to in-game action. Oh, and an Alienware gaming laptop if you made the crucial mistake of inviting someone else to join you in the lair. So draw those curtains, order your weight in room service and settle into a session. Though you won’t actually need room service when you’re putting away all those chicken dinners, right? Poggers.


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