This Startup Rents Out Minimalist Homes In Top Secret Locations

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Slow Cabins thinks it’s found the best way to relax. The startup rents out beautiful and completely-isolated-from-humanity cabins placed in lovely, natural locations across Belgium. But unlike other off-the-grid vacation rentals, there’s a major catch to the guest experience: The company won’t tell you where the cabin is until you make a reservation. For people exhausted by trip planning, online review sites, and endless comparison shopping, it may be just the thing.

Slow Cabins, which launched its service in September 2017, offers three basic options. You can rent one of its small, solar-powered wooden “Time For Two” cabins for a minimum two-night stay for $285 per weekend night. A large “Time For Family” cabin can accommodate five people with a rainwater collection system, dry toilet, and a small deck where you can drink till you no longer notice the mosquitos. Another option, “Time For Focus,” offers an off-the-grid meeting space (you can throw in internet for a few more dollars). “We specialize in special meeting moments as well as creating breakthroughs and new thinking patterns to do things differently and better,” the company writes. “To stimulate innovative and circular thinking processes in business and social life.”

[Photo: Jonas Verhulst/Slow Cabins]

The company claims that it changes the location of the cabins, but wouldn’t say how long the cabins will stay in the same location. “Residence time of the cabins depends on several indicators, but we plan to move the cabins to or incorporate new locations regularly,” a representative told me. They also claim that they are expanding operations with partners in other European countries–and if you like your stay so much you want to buy your own slow cabin, it can help with that, too.

The photos make these tiny vacation homes look truly relaxing indeed, though I don’t think it would compensate for the anxiety of booking a rental home without knowing exactly where it is. But if the idea of someone else planning where you’re going on vacation sounds appealing, check out Slow Cabins.

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