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Touch controller way to small for your hands? Are they slipping away from your sweaty hands? Do they make you press random buttons, because you just haven’t got a good grip? Introducing a Knuckles type add on for the Touch controllers. Mamut Touch Grip.

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After our previous successful crowdfunder,
the Mamut Skulls protection set ( LINK ) for the Vive,
we felt that we needed to branch out to the rest of the VR scene.
This in turn led to the Mamut Gun Stock that is currently in production,
available for both Vive and Rift users. ( LINK )

While play testing our gunstock for the Rift it was obvious
that the controllers lacked in comfort and it was difficult to keep a firm,
secure grip for an extended amount of playtime.

We call our solution to this problem “Touch Grip“.
An injection molded TPU (Thermo Poly Urethane) base that builds
length and girth to the handle while also keeping it in securely in
place with adjustable straps. Twist it around in 3D.

Extended grip

Room for your little finger, help to actually grasp
the controller without pressing buttons.

Extra securing

Original strap helps secure the Grip.
No need to dismount the strap.
(Updated, check updates.)

Grith / Ventilation

Adds friction against your palm while
keeping your hand cool.

Securing straps

Round woven, cotton filled flexible strap.
Comfortable and adjustable, easy fit for any hand.

Large fastener

Easy to find while in VR
​(Updated, check updates.)

Easy mount / dismount

Mounting –
Press the controller down the cup, friction will do the rest.
Dismounting –
Just pull the controller out.
​(Updated, check updates.)

Technical details, per piece:
Material: TPU (Thermo Poly Urethane)
Size: 130x45x40mm / ~5.1×1.8×1.6in
Weight: ~25grams / ~0.88oz

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