For Honor will be free to play on consoles and PC next weekend

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According to VG247

If you’ve ever wanted to give For Honor a try, you can do so for free next weekend.

Ubisoft has announced For Honor will be free to play May 3-6 on both consoles and PC.

Players will have access to the full game, including all multiplayer modes, and the ability to play the campaign solo or with a friend online.

The original roster of 12 heroes will be available for all who play For Honor over the free weekend. All progress made during the period will be transferable should the game be purchased.

For Honor

During the free weekend, Ubisoft will re-introduce the Warrior Training Program. The initiative rewards existing and new players who work together.

Current players who complete five matches while grouped with Free Weekend players who do not own the game will receive two weeks of revamped Champion Status. Valued at 8,000 Steel, this will deliver more XP boosts to players and their team as well as more loot following a match.

For Honor will also be on sale for up to 75% off through all digital stores until May 15.

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