Meteors have started crashing to earth in Fortnite

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Brace yourselves people, it’s finally happening! After weeks of teasing and speculation, massive chunks of rock are now thundering down from the skies over Fortnite’s Battle Royale map and smashing to the earth.

It seems we’re still at the preliminary stage of the meteor apocalypse, however, with the only real destruction wrought so far seemingly on trees and smaller structures, as well as the nerves of unsuspecting players who were just minding their own business and trying to murder everyone. Thank goodness Epic turned the emergency broadcast system on in time.

As such, it’s still unclear if this dramatic conclusion to Epic’s long-teased meteor event will culminate in the destruction of the unloved Tilted Towers, or indeed any area of the map. Here’s how things have been looking over in Battle Royale since the sky starting falling down.

One other noteworthy thing to point out: earlier today, the official Fortnite Twitter feed offered a first tease of Battle Pass Season 4. Its most obvious inclusion is the mysterious masked avenger, heavily suggesting that Season 4 could be superhero-themed. Equally notable, however, is that the image is framed inside something suspiciously meteor-shaped.

We’ve discussed it around the office, and all agree that giving everyone superpowers like building-bounding and super-sprinting (borne from that accursed meteor, of course), would be marvellous in a Crackdown Battle Royale sort of way.

Before we get too excited though, first order of business is to wait and see what, if anything, is getting wiped off the map now that the impact hour is finally here.

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