Fortnite has overtaken PUBG’s total revenue and player count across all platforms

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According to PCGamesN

Fortnite Battle Royale was the sixth-highest grossing PC game in the world in February. Analysis released by data firm Superdata has revealed some of the game’s meteoric rise.

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As well as appearing in the top ten games in PC, Fortnite found success elsewhere – it’s now overtaken PUBG in terms of both revenue and monthly active users across all platforms. On top of that, Fortnite Mobile was top of the US iOS revenue charts, and its success also makes it the largest free-to-play game ever on console. In fact, it came third on the console revenue charts, behind only Call of Duty: WWII, and FIFA 18.

The figures also show that while Fortnite shows little sign of stopping, PUBG has slowed down a bit. Sales in February reached 2.5 million. That would be good by pretty much any other game’s standards, but for this particular game, they show the second month of declining sales in a row. There’s little need to worry though, as PUBG is still boasting concurrent player count that’s close to two million players at any one time on PC alone.

These figures date back to February, so they’re likely to have risen in the coming months. They’re also likely to receive a boost as Fortnite season 4 kicks off in the next week or so.

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