The Forest departs Early Access after 4 years and readies for VR launch

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Newsbrief: After roughly four years in Early Access, Endnight Games has launched the 1.0 version of its horror survival game The Forest on Steam.


The Forest first popped up on Steam’s Early Access program in 2014, debuting around the same time as other survival games like DayZ and Rust. Now four years later the team has announced that the game is leaving Early Access and will be receiving its first major update later this month: a VR mode.


The entirety of the game will be playable in that VR mode, the team notes, with the usual on-screen converted into an in-game smartwatch display. Additionally, the VR release will be free to all owners of The Forest.


“It’s been a crazy ride, made possible only by the players who have supported us for the last four years. To the team here it feels like a game we all made together, us and the community. Your input suggestions and feedback has been invaluable to us,” reads the announcement.

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