Gamevice Wants The US To Block Nintendo Switch Imports Because It Infringes On Its Patents

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@Spiders Neither of which is going to happen. All they will get to settle for, is the fact that they’re going to lose, BIG time, and they’ll probably have to pay up as well, for all the costs that Nintendo will have to make during this farcical event.

@rjejr Yeah, I know. But as of today, I’m literally older and wiser, and I switched back (pun intended) to my grumpy, mad Titan self, and even though I never thought NX was going to be the Switch that (almost) everybody now knows and loves, it’s here now, and I’ve long since accepted that.

And concerning this court case: it hasn’t got a single leg to stand on. The link in comment #11 has a clear explanation on the whole matter, coming from someone who actually knows about laws and rights, and he also sees no way that Gamevice (dumb name anyway, but so was ‘WikiPad’) is ever going to have any case to speak of, let alone make a single penny off of Nintendo’s current console.

There are simply too many dissimilarities between the two products, so no sane judge is ever going to rule in their favor.

Like I said in my initial comment, they’re just trying to hitch a ride to benefit from the success of the Switch, but it’s going to be a very bumpy and unpleasant ride for them instead. And once Nintendo has ditched them, the next stop will be the transfer to the E3 hype train.

Now THAT is going to be quite something…

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