GeoBlade 500 One Wheel Electric Board


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The GeoBlade 500 is a gyro-stabilized, one-wheeled electric board that provides the thrill of surfing on land.  Developed in California, we’ve engineered the perfect balance of control and power to deliver the exhilaration of carving the streets.

Connect to Your Board. GeoBlade 500 is an Electric rideable that literally senses the driver and allows for maximum control and flexibility. Experience the thrill of carving the streets with the GeoBlade 500.

Includes: 1x GeoBlade 500, 1x LIDAR-Battery and 1x Magsafe Battery Charger

– 15 MPH Maximum speed
– 7+ Mile range
– 18 Lbs
– Bluetooth speakers
– Customizable LED lighting
– 225 Pounds max rider weight
– Removable battery
– 180 Watt-Hr battery

  • 16 Mph Max Speed

    Carve or cruise. Lean forward to go faster, lean back to slow down.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Now every adventure can have a soundtrack.

  • 2.5 Hours = Full Charge

    Charge some spare batteries and extend your range even further.

  • Built To Last

    Our die cast aluminum frame and UV stabilized polycarbonate shell are engineered for weight, performance, and durability.

7-14+ Mile Range

7 Miles on a single battery, 14 miles on 2 packs. Swap in your spare battery and keep going.


Programmable Light Display

Our light display is perfect for night riding. Know how much power you got at a glance.


Power To Weight Ratio

At only 18 lbs with 1 battery and 21 lbs with 2 batteries, we’ve got the one of the best range to weight ratios out there.

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