It’s a Scooter Revolution

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According to Yanko Design

The scooter market is now so saturated that it’s somewhat of a relief to see someone just stripping things down to the bare essentials. Meet, Narcine – the latest design in a trend of personal adult scooters that aims to eliminate the need for cars whenever possible.

While Narcine is great for zipping around town, its ability to fold flat in seconds also makes it ideal for last mile commutes where users transition between public transportation and road/walkways. Narcine’s robust, tubular frame and red metal cladding remind me of a gasoline go-kart I grew up with as a kid. Even the seat has extra padding and a more relaxed stance than standard scooters. It’s sporty yet utilitarian and as fun as it is functional!

Designer: Ognyan Bozhilov of Narcine







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