QooCam: World’s First interchangeable 4K 360° & 3D Camera

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QooCam is the world’s first 4K camera that combines the most innovative features of both 360° & 3D stereo filming technology. Thanks to its unique 3 lenses, IMU stabilizer, and cutting-edge depthmap tech, QooCam features shake free, after-shooting refocus, 120 FPS, and time-lapse capabilities.

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just getting started, you can freely direct and edit all your moments like a pro with QooCam’s Master Editor app.

QooCam is designed for recording 4K videos and photos with a full 360° range. Thanks to its 4K with full sensor readout, you can record the memorable moments in great details and create high quality 360 videos on the go.

PS: 360º 4K means the entire 360º video or photo is in 4K resolution. However, since you can only view the 360º video or photo in the different field of view and not the whole image, the content quality you’re watching on the traditional sized screen is going to be less than 4K.

Relive your moments as if you were there again with its amazing 3D 4K videos with a 180° wide angle. Capture and relive your moments like how you really experienced them the first time.

Using the latest and most revolutionary depth-based technology, QooCam allows you to refocus photos after shooting them. When shooting in the 3D 180º mode, QooCam can estimate the distance of the subjects in the frame and generate a depth map for special effects post-filming.

Now, you can edit your photo and choose which the main subject of the content after shooting.

Tap on wherever you want to focus in. You will be able to create a bokeh effect, to enhance the subject in focus while giving the picture a fine background at the same time.

Stop compromising when creating high-speed action shots, with the built-in IMU sensor plus the real-time stabilization software technology, and in-house algorithm, you can achieve shake-free shots and smooth videos even without a physical stabilizer.

Qoocam’s stitching free feature automatically combines the images of both the lenses into one 360° spherical image. Thanks to its real-time optical flow stitching algorithm, you can directly get the perfect stitching on your 360° photo or video with just your smartphone.

You can capture the 360° VR or 180° 3D video at 4K/60fps and 2K/120fps. You can easily create the highly used slow motion effect. There are endless possibilities for you to create with.

With the time-lapse function, you can create time-lapse photography easily. You can set up the shooting frequency and QooCam will shoot the 360º or 3D photo automatically. Get the phenomenal time-lapse footage with ease.

Enjoy a full 4k experience with QooCams’s three wide-angle lenses with a 216° field of view (FOV) and a f/2.2 aperture. Also with Sony’s CMOS sensor, the camera definition and battery life are improved, making it better than ever.

Built with a full aviation-grade anodized aluminum alloy body and CNC machined, Qoocam only weighs 170g; making it durable and good for cooling. It’s lightweight and durable body is perfect to carry around anywhere you go.

Built to last longer, Qoocam’s battery supports 2600mAh, offering up to 180 minutes of continuous recording with a single charge.

You can use the external Micro SD card to expand the camera’s storage up to 256GB. You’ll have more freedom to shoot and record without the fear of storage shortage.

With the Master Editor app, you can easily reframe and create 2D edits to your panoramic content with a simple tap and drag between the different points of views. Set the keyframes in your 360° videos and the app will automatically pan or zoom the 360° video to let you direct like a pro.

With the smart track feature, you can keep track of your focus point’s every movement in a 4K 360° video. Just select the object or subject that you want to follow and the camera will do the rest to keep the object the center of the frame.

PS: This function will finish its final testings after August.

You can transform your photo or video into something out of this world. With one click, you can change the 360º images into cool tiny planet photos. You can even start a new trend craze on social media with these tiny planet selfies.

  • With its Easy Share function, share amazing videos with your friends on your favorite social media platform.
  • Live stream 360° videos to show your friends your whole surrounding while you talk to them. QooCam supports USB and WiFi live streaming.

PS: This function will finish its final testing after August.

QooCam is compatible with Android 7.0 and IOS smartphone. You can monitor and edit your videos with its Editing app in real-time via Wifi.

QooCam can simply be mounted on anywhere with any sports camera accessories. You can mount QooCam on a drone, bike, or selfie-stick to create different effects and record from all different perspective.

QooCam has won 4 of the biggest design and innovation awards in the world. We’ve worked very hard to create the QooCam. The awards serve as recognition for QooCam’s highly respectable design and Kandao’s consistency in high-quality designs.

It took us more than a year to design and test the prototypes and samples. We’ve currently just finished the hardware testings and designs. We will continue to work towards finishing the software to improve its performance.

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As a company dedicating to the pursuit of pioneering technology, Kandao strives to make conceptual ideas into easy-to-use products, which drives our innovative design and ensures unmatched user design.

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