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Have you ever been lying in bed mindlessly scrolling through your phone or attempting to watch a movie on your iPad, all while struggling to find a position that is even remotely comfortable? This is the problem that designer Wei Ying Luo identified, and his solution came in the form of Helion.

Helion is an ultrashort-through projector that takes the place of the ceiling light usually found above the bed. It projects the screen of the user’s device directly onto the ceiling, allowing for a comfortable viewing position. Using gesture controls the user is able to message friends, mindlessly scroll through social media or operate video controls.

The 100 inch, full HD screen combined with the inbuilt stereo surround sound ensures for an immersive and engaging experience for the user, all while they avoid the retina damage that can come with staring at smartphone screens. That sounds like a perfect set up, to us!

Designer: Wei Ying Luo












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