See How Uncharted 2’s Best Sequences Look From Another Angle In This Video


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Naughty Dog is one of the premiere developers of richly detailed, narrative-focused single-player games. But as with most games designed around setpieces and specific timings (read: most of them), there’s a lot of sleight of hand involved in creating the look and feel of a blockbuster movie.

In the latest episode of Boundary Break, you’ll find surprises as early as the game’s main title screen, which is at once smaller and more intricate than you might think at first glance. It’s not a part of the game’s actual world, but Nathan can still climb along its walls. You can also see the entire train and building collapse sequences from a new perspective. You can also take relief in knowing that some of the guards Nathan throws from tall heights end up surviving. On one occasion, Naughty Dog even literally shrinks down a city to make it seem further away. Finally, you can see just how detailed the distant vistas you often get to see are, as well as how many “Roadrunner Walls” are out of reach.

If you’re a fan of how games like this are put together, the entire episode is worth a watch.

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