Gears of War studio head wants to see the Brumak in Monster Hunter World

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Gears of War studio head wants to see the Brumak in Monster Hunter World

By Sherif Saed,
Tuesday, 8 May 2018 15:28 GMT

Monster Hunter World is full of monsters, all of which based on original designs – but what if guest monsters could be a thing?


This is essentially what Rod Fergusson, studio head at Gears of War 4 developer the Coalition, wants to see.

In a bizarre tweet, Fergusson wondered who at Capcom he needs to talk to in order to get the Brumak into Monster Hunter. The Brumak is the big, armoured lizard with cannons on its back.

If you played the original Gears of War, the Brumak fight was pretty memorable. Come to think of it, Gears of War actually does let you fight many big monsters, so in a way, it’s sort of like Monster Hunter. One would imagine that’s what Capcom wanted to do with the Lost Planet series.

Besides that, monsters in Gears of War can be fun to fight in Monster Hunter World given the choice of weaponry. They’re scary enough when you have firearms, imagine having to set up long sword attacks on a Brumak.

And since the gun on a Brumak’s back could make things complicated, Fergusson is fine with taking away the guns. Here’s the tweet.

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