Google Assistant gets conversational, will soon listen for consecutive requests

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At IO today, Google announced that Assistant on Google Home will soon be able to hold a conversation and respond to multiple requests without a user having to repeat “Okay Google” each time. The feature is similar to ‘Follow-up mode’ on Alexa, which became available a couple of months ago.

Assistant had already been updated last year to support multiple commands, so users can issue request like “Hey Google, turn on the TV and give me the weather forecast,” instead of having to issue them separately. Conversational mode is a step beyond that, allowing for a much more fluid back-and-forth chat between a user and Assistant. It also seems to be smarter with understanding multiple requests, so it can understand a command like “turn on the lights in the living room and the kitchen,” whereas previously you had to repeat the command more explicitly and say “turn on the lights in the living room and turn on the lights in the kitchen.”

Support for continued conversation will be coming to Google Assistant over the coming weeks.

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