JBL Link Bar is the first soundbar with Android TV and Assistant built in

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Have you ever wanted a soundbar that could also dim your lights? Well, here’s one: the new JBL Link Bar – a first-of-its-kind soundbar with built-in


TV and

Google Assistant



So yes, this is a soundbar you can speak to. You can ask it to turn on the TV and switch to a particular channel or program. You can use it to control smart appliances via voice commands. You can access all sorts of apps and content through its Android TV integration. You can instruct it to play music from your streaming service of choice. And of course, the Google Assistant is always listening for your queries and requests.


From a hardware perspective, the JBL Link Bar appears to be designed like every other soundbar, but with the addition of multiple microphones to pick up voice commands. Further details, such as output power, connectivity options, and acoustic properties, remain a mystery for now, but we do expect these to be unveiled by its maker at a later point.


But if you feel like one of these would be a perfect fit for your man cave, then prepare yourself for a lengthy wait. The JBL Link Bar is scheduled to launch in fall of 2018, and we don’t even know how much JBL is going to charge for it. But then again, can you name another soundbar you can play Space Trivia with?

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