Thanos is getting nerfed in Fortnite’s new Infinity Gauntlet mode

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According to Polygon

And a bug with loot rarity is being fixed

Fortnite’s newest game mode, Infinity Gauntlet, has only been live for a few hours, but developer Epic Games is already making a few changes, thanks to player feedback.

The Avengers: Infinity War-themed mode, which lets players take control of Thanos, the film’s antagonist, has proven popular with players, but a few complaint threads on Reddit convinced Epic to go back and reevaluate just how strong the Mad Titan is in Fortnite. Turns out, Thanos is just a little too strong, and they are going to tone him down a bit.

According to a post on Reddit from Epic, a hotfix has gone live that reduces Thanos’ shield and health by 100 each, and takes the damage of his laser down from 15 to 12. These aren’t huge changes, and Thanos is sure to still be pretty powerful, but these tweaks should help give more players an opportunity to take the villain for a spin.


This isn’t the only change for the game mode that Epic has mentioned on Reddit today though. In a post by user Yo-Han7 about receiving common loot when the patch notes said that only rare, epic and legendary grade loot would be in the mode, an Epic employee responded letting everyone know that this was indeed a bug and, “we are working on a fix.”


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