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Eat, watch a movie, use your laptop, read, listen to music… Your bed can fulfill all your desires thanks to the Bedchill, the very first connected overbed rolling table.

The bed has not changed for centuries. In an area where we are more connected than ever, it is time to give an update to this piece of furniture we spend most of our time on.

We will contact backers when the campaign is over to ask for their color & power outlet type choices.

S size:

S size Bedchill
S size Bedchill

Fits beds from 33,5″ to 45″ (85 to 115cm) wide (for Recliner chairs & Single / Twin / 90cm size beds)

M size:

M size Bedchill
M size Bedchill

Fits beds from 53″ to 66″ (135 to 168cm) wide (for Double / Full / Queen / 140cm / 160cm size beds)

L size:

L size Bedchill
L size Bedchill

Fits beds from 66,5″ to 83″ (169 to 211cm) wide (for California King / King / 180cm size beds)

Concerning the bed height:

The Bedchill height is adjustable.
For all sizes S, M and L, the Bedchill goes from 22,5″ to 40″ (57 to 101cm) high.
We recommend leaving a 7″ – 10″ (18 – 26cm) space between the top of your mattress and the Bedchill table top. This space will depend on your preferences. If we take a standard 8″ (20cm) free space, the Bedchill is suitable for beds from 12″ to 30″ (30 to 76cm) high.

You will receive the Bedchill in 3 parts:
– 1 table top
– 2 legs

1/ Put the Bedchill’s table top upside down on a soft surface

2/ Attach the legs to the table top

3/ Connect the power cable from the leg to the table top

4/ Reverse the Bedchill to put it on its legs

5/ Adjust the Bedchill height to your convenience (manual adjustment)

6/ Install the part that holds the cable in place under a bed leg, at any side of the bed & either at the head or at the end of your bed. This is shown in the video below:

7/ Plug the power cable into your wall

8/ Let your Bedchill roll!

Choose your favorite color

We will contact backers when the campaign is over to ask for their color choice.

Choose your power outlet type

We will contact backers when the campaign is over to ask for their power outlet type choice.
If you are interested in another type of power outlet that is not available yet, please contact us at

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