LeveTop: The Autonomous Folding Drone

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According to The Gadget Flow

LeveTop drone is an ultraportable intelligent drone with advanced GPS system. The built-in 1080P stabilized camera enables you to take aerial footage with high quality and it can follow and track you with its precise vision positioning system. It boasts a 20 minute flight time and a top speed of 33 mph. Features: – Compact Quadruple Folding Frame – High Quality 1080P Stabilized Camera – Light Weight Portable Design – Auto-Follow – Motion Controlled Technology – Removable Battery

LeveTop’s compact frame makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Fun, easy, and lightweight, without sacrificing any of the high tech features you expect from your personal smart drone.





LeveTop’s uses a digital camera with CMOS technology designed to capture crisp, clear, hands-free footage.


Stop taking blurry photos and capture everyday moments from a totally new, high quality perspective. LeveTop has a built-in 1080 stabilized camera with a 120° FOV for beautiful panorama shots and amazing memories with loved ones.

While the average cell phone uses a very small image sensor and lens at 1.0-1.2 micrometers, LeveTop uses binning technology to combine it’s 2.0 pixel size to 4.0 micrometers!

Edit and share your own aerial footage on YouTube or with friends on Facebook and Instagram instantly.

Now more than ever, we are connected to social media and love to share our travels, weekends, and everyday life events with our friends and family. With LeveTop, you can experience everyday moments using the highest quality camera of any drone out there, and then share your amazing photos and videos with others!

Once you have your shot, you can easily transfer images and videos straight to your smartphone with LeveTop’s built-in wifi. Simply go to your Gallery, select your favorite photos, edit and share on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube instantly.

Your friends and family will want to know who your new partner in crime is.

With LeveTop you are free from the control stick and can still get the full bird’s eye view.

Can’t get everyone in the group shot? No more asking a stranger to take your photo or having a friend take one for the team. LeveTop acts as your third arm, so you can capture hands-free footage in any setting.

Whether you’re at the beach, in the park, or simply walking around, LeveTop will hover precisely in place for still, crisp angles and views that don’t exclude anyone or anything in the background.

A user friendly app makes piloting so easy all you have to do is tap your phone screen once.

LeveTop’s iPhone & Android friendly app makes it easy to take off and land in one click. In fact, LeveTop’s precision positioning technology makes smart landing so smart, it’ll actually return to the same spot you took off.

In the case you come across an emergency, such as flying into a crowd, trees or buildings, simply click the Emergency button and all four propellers will stop. LeveTop will lose power and will safely return to the ground avoiding any damage.

Pilot your drone by simply tilting your smartphone.  

Simply tilt left and watch LeveTop move left. Tilt right, and LeveTop will go right. How does it work you ask?

When you tilt your smartphone LeveTop collects instant vector data (including speed and direction) through it’s onboard G-sensor. LeveTop receives this information via it’s specific WiFi frequency, the onboard computer will process it and then send orders to change the direction by changing the speed of each spinning propeller. LeveTop uses its Six-Axis Accelerometer+Three-Axis Gyro to balance itself the entire time.

Preset LeveTop to track and follow you autonomously using GPS and vision positioning.

You can pilot LeveTop conveniently and effortlessly anywhere you want to go. With our new GPS and vision precise positioning technology, LeveTop can follow whoever automatically. Preset the drone to keep you in the frame, then it will follow and track you autonomously. All you need to do is act naturally.

Define the area you want to fly in and LeveTop will stay in within it’s boundaries. 

With Geo-fence technology, you can define the area in which you want to fly. LeveTop will stay in the boundary you’ve chosen, allowing everyone from beginners to experts to practice their piloting skills with confidence.

Each of LeveTop’s four arms fold into its body for easy storage and portability no matter what the occasion. 

LeveTop evolved from the frustration that despite there being many small drones on the market, none of them combined all the fun features of a personal smart drone and were also easy to carry.

Either the drone is too big, the camera mount is exposed (making it delicate and vulnerable to damage), or the drone is too small and you’ve sacrificed all of the really awesome features for size.

LeveTop combines all the functions into one unique and lightweight folding frame, which allows you to carry it easily everywhere you go.

Place LeveTop inside its case for protection and attach it to your waist for one less thing to carry in your hands.

Protect your LeveTop from scratches and damage by opting to add it’s carry case.

Because of its unique foldable design, LeveTop is much more portable than the smaller sized drones like Micro Drone and Kudrone. It’s compact black & red carry case easily attaches to your waist so you keep your hands free and can cruise around in style.

Wherever you’re travelling to next or even a staycation spent around town locally, take LeveTop with you and don’t stress over the extra carrying hassle.

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