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Have you ever encountered a tool that can set you free from memorizing all the shortcut keys or spending hours on repetitive work? We have been waiting and searching for years to find a product that is specifically made for designers to help increase our work efficiency. But a perfect keyboard for designers just doesn’t exist! After two years of research & development, we’d like to present to you, The Delux Designer!

Simplify your workload and program complex multi-step command sequences into a single keycap.

Take full and precise control with the multi-functional Dial.

Compatible with Wacom and other graphic tablets, let Delux help you take your designs to a new level.

Delux is compatible with 9 of the major software in the market, such as 3D, CAD, Id, Maya, Rh, Ai, Ae, Ps, and Pr. But, that’s not all, the possibilities are endless with the Delux Designer. Regardless of the software, you can still set up shortcut keys and command sequences on any program. Create, edit, design, paint, and more with ease thanks to Delux.

Say goodbye to awkward shortcuts and memorizing complicated commands sequences. With more than 50 customizable keycaps, program your tasks into a simple key.

*All the repetitive work is done by one push of a button

Tailor the keyboard to your tasks and get back hours of wasted work time. Now, you can just push a button and watch Delux perform your commands that would’ve taken hours of tedious manual work before.

*Adjust settings with the Dial makes designing easy

With the multifunctional dial, scroll, zoom, and switch between pages intuitively. Just spin the dial and adjust settings like size, brightness, volume, and more. It’s a piece of cake.

*Use the Dial to change brush sizes and turn pen into eraser

Delux Designer is compatible with Wacom other graphic tablets, making it extremely convenient when designing. Seamlessly changing paintbrush sizes, switching from pen to eraser, designing has never been easier!

Designed with Kailh mechanical key switches, Delux provides comfort for your hands while improving your typing experience. Get the most satisfying feeling as you can physically feel and hear the hard work occurring thanks to Delux’s mechanical keys.

The Delux Designer is made out of space-grade aluminum, which makes it ultra strong and shock-resistant! With its strong built and durable materials, the Delux keyboard is here to stay.

As designers, we have first experience with traditional keyboard shortcomings, therefore, we had to make sure ours was built with the highest craftsmanship. After numerous product designs and internal discussions, we’re very happy with the product that you see now.

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