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With mobile phones, mp3 players and music streaming services being so readily available now, they quickly forced Cassette Players to become a thing of the past and merely a piece of history. But there are some things that I find charming about the cassette player; from its truthful design through to the limited functionality that forced us to be selective about what we wanted to listen to, it is a device that I miss.

Pal is the music player that brings back all our old memories! It retains the boxy aesthetic of the Traditional Cassette Player while allowing for a more up-to-date listening experience. Contained in the sections where the batteries would usually be housed is a set of Bluetooth headphones, electronic ink is used to display the name of the playlist as opposed to the Biro that we used to use and the traditional array of buttons is still present, but now carry a far sleeker design.

Designer: Minho Lee









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