What Causes an iPhone to Explode? Video Captures Incident in Las Vegas

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According to Inverse

A smartphone repairman was working at a desk when an iPhone at the opposite end of the table allegedly exploded without warning. The incident was captured on film inside of a Las Vegas phone repair shop on May 11. The employee of the unidentified store is seen quickly lunging away from the device after it bursts into flames and releases a plume of smoke.

According to ABC News affiliate KTNV, the device caught on camera was an iPhone 6 in the process of being repaired for screen cracking due to heat damage, which caused its lithium-ion battery to swell. This type of battery bulging is nothing new in Apple smartphones and has even been reported in models as early as the iPhone 5. While it’s unclear what the exact cause of this specific incident was, it begs the questions: What’s going under the hood that could make this happen? And is your phone in danger of catching fire?

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