Video: Can This Star Fox: Grand Prix Rumour Become a Reality?

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Captain Falco.

Rumours come, and rumours go, but some are just a little bit meatier than your average lump of hearsay and warrant a little more attention and analysis. The idea that Nintendo would produce another Star Fox game so soon after the lukewarm reaction to Star Fox Zero does seem a little odd, but there’s more to this idea that initially meets the eye.

For one thing, one of the many endings in Star Fox Command points to just such a situation for our anthropomorphic chums, and it also wouldn’t be the first time Fox McCloud appeared in a game bearing the name of Star Fox, but of a totally different genre. Yes, we’re talking about Star Fox Adventures. We natter on about this more in the video above, so let us know what you think of this whole shebang in the comments below.

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