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According to Yanko Design

Even at first glance it is clear to see why The Wave is an award-winning (red dot 2018) design; the striking design and presence that it holds within the room make for a highly desirable product. This Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker houses a wide variety of features that offer various services, these are all achieved through Clova, an AI platform.

The rather unique cone shape that has been used ensures for optimized sound performance, this means that the user can experience the best that the 360 degree, omnidirectional sound has to offer! This simple yet visually interesting form also makes the Wave fit a wide range of interior decors and thanks to the 5000mAh battery, it can be used wirelessly for five hours, therefore not limiting it to just the one room.

Due to it featuring voice control the physical interface can be extremely minimal; just six touch sensitive buttons are present on the top of the device, creating a simple and fuss-free addition to the home.

Designers: Seungwoo Kim & Naver Labs for Line Japan

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