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With four wildly-successful Kickstarter campaigns under our belt (thanks for that!) we’ve perfected the technology to brew beer in the convenience of your own home. Making craft beer more accessible has always been our mission, but now, we’re going beyond beer. Get ready to make your wildest brewing dreams come true!

Meet Pico U, the world’s first universal brewing machine. Pico U is a smart and compact brewing appliance that makes it easy to create your favorite craft beverages: From your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to a kombucha or yerba mate afternoon pick-me-up to delicious pints of fresh craft beer as your end-of-day treat. Imagine sipping on an ice-cold black rice horchata or a crisp lemon cilantro dry soda that you created yourself. Pico U lets you brew just about anything!

You just can’t buy beverages as fresh as the ones you’ll make using your Pico U in your own kitchen—and that’s what we love about the Pico U. If you can dream it, you can drink it!

Craft Beer

With the full-size step filter and 5-liter stainless steel brew keg, Pico U is ready to make delicious batches of craft beer. Load the PicoPak of your choice, add water, press the button, and you’re brewing!


Our newly-designed, pour-over basket turns your Pico into the ideal way to brew a perfect cup of coffee! Using your own fresh grounds, select your brew style and amount, and a fresh cup of coffee is just 90 seconds away.

Fusion Beverages

Brew a refreshing pitcher of iced horchata, ginger lemon kombucha, citrus dry soda, yerba mate chai tea, vanilla cocoa cold brew, golden milk, and more with the Pico U! With the 1-liter glass Bruet and Mini Step Filter, you can brew practically any drink with our new PicoPak Mini recipe kits. Load a PicoPak Mini, connect the Bruet, and the Pico U can smartly brew a wide array of unique beverages.

PicoPaks are fully compostable ingredient bundles designed to make an array of perfectly brewed beverages every time. Easily order your Paks online and they show up at your door, ready to brew!

Endless selection

We’ve partnered with hundreds of breweries from around the world to recreate their recipes so that you can enjoy world-class craft beer in your own home. Believe us, you will never get bored!

Customizable creativity

Creating your own recipes is easy with our online custom recipe crafter. You can choose from various hops, grains, and special ingredients to design your own tasty recipes! Our full-size PicoPaks are made for brewing beer and larger batches of beverages like cold brew coffee and kombucha. Our PicoPak Minis are perfect for smaller batches of fusion beverages like flavored coffee and health drinks.

Good for the planet

At PicoBrew, we believe that convenience shouldn’t come with an environmental cost. So, in designing the PicoPak, we knew plastic pods weren’t going to cut it. Our PicoPaks are biodegradable handmade ingredient kits made from 100% bagasse (sugar cane husk pulp) and completely compostable!


We’re leveraging our patented precision brewing technology to create the world’s first universal craft beverage brewing appliance. Here’s a look behind the scenes:

Temperature on Demand

Pico U creates rich and flavorful beverages using precise temperature control. The thermal block takes water from the reservoir and brings it from room temp up to a customizable temperature. Water is distributed evenly over the top of the coffee, first blooming the grounds, then completing the brew for perfect results every time.

Fusion Control

When you load a PicoPak or PicoPak Mini into your Pico U, it sends the brewing mixture to the right place at the right time to accurately follow your preprogrammed recipe. The Pico U’s multi-flow-manifold allows second-to-second control of what ingredients get infused into the brew.

With up to 4 stages in one recipe, Pico U can use high heat and flow rates to extract rich flavors, and then mellow things out to tease out subtle aromas without overheating delicate ingredients.

This powerful feature enables a multi-stage hops boil while brewing beer, and empowers a world of creativity when brewing fusion beverages from infused coffees and teas to kombucha and beyond.

Better Beer Through Technology

When you connect your keg and start brewing one of your own craft beer creations, or one of our award winning PicoPaks, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Powerful pumps and heating elements sanitize internal components and bring the water up to temperature, while an array of sensors monitor the process. An onboard processor maintains the heartbeat of the brew and connects to your online account to make sure all parts of the process are accurately delivered, just how you ordered them.

Meet Our Brewery Partners

Our brewery partners inspire us every day! We’re proud to partner with award-winning breweries and help them share their best beers with new audiences from around the world.



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