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We had this crazy idea that quickly became a core mission for us: that everyone should be able to own a tennis ball launcher. We loved the concept of a tennis ball launcher, and always used them when we were at the clubs when they were available.

Warming up before a game, both mentally and physically, always has us at the top of our game. Problem is, they weren’t always available. Or easy to use. Or even good for that matter.

We knew that to make a tennis ball launcher for everyone, besides being simple and awesome, it would have to be both portable and affordable. So we got to work. And we couldn’t be prouder of the end product.

Slinger allows you to easily control the launch serve using two customizable dials – speed and frequency. You can also manually adjust the barrels’ angle to create a huge variety of serves.

“The best thing for learning, grooving and cementing stroke mechanics”

Everybody knows that warming up before playing makes a difference, but few really know just how important it is. And not just for performance.

Slinger warms up your muscles to avoid injuries and better flexibility. Plus, muscle memory means more effortless coordination. It makes your brain more focused on tennis. Because sometimes you need to remind your brain how to do things. Getting a feel for the racket, the court, the ball and everything else.

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