Google Maps gets ultra-cute cars instead of navigation arrow, but only on iOS

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According to Android Authority

A Google Maps animation with a car driving around a map. Google

Google has introduced vehicle icons to its Maps app to replace the typical navigation arrow. The company has made a selection of cars available, which you can select when you drive somewhere, but it’s an iOS-exclusive feature right now.

Google announced the Maps update in a brief post on its blog yesterday, stating you’ll see vehicles such as “a stylish sedan, a timeless pickup truck, or a speedy SUV.”

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To try out the cars, just tap on the navigation arrow while in navigation (driving) mode in Google Maps and the new icons will appear in a list. Tap one to select it and you’ll find yourself zooming around the map in your vehicle of choice.

Google didn’t offer an explanation as to why the feature is landing on iOS and not Android, but the company does frequently roll out new app functions on Apple’s platform first; it’s likely that it will come to Android in the future if it’s well-received.

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