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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was one of 2017’s biggest surprises because A) It merged the Mario and Rabbids universes and B) It was actually quite good. It’s been a while since it launched, but Nintendo and Ubisoft haven’t forgotten about it. Some DLC is coming to the game soon, which adds some Donkey Kong-inspired flair to the proceedings. Check it out in today’s NGT to see how it all works!

Imran got to play it not too long ago, and he’s back to tell the tale. He doesn’t just explain what DK and Cranky Kong (the rabbid version, at least) bring to the game. No, no. That would be super boring! No, he was kind enough to walk Jeff Marchiafava, Leo, and me through some fancy footage. Marvel as DK leaps onto opponents, balls them up, and throws them around! Watch as Cranky Kong (the rabbid version, at least) provides support. And listen as Leo gets a talking to regarding the differences between monkeys and apes. We truly spared no expense here, folks.

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